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Speak Up with Confidence in English Meetings

In meetings where English is spoken, do you sometimes:

1. Hesitate to speak up?

2. Find it difficult to disagree?

3. Wait for someone to ask you a question?

4. Feel uncomfortable jumping into discussions?

5. Want to participate more?

If you answer "Yes" to two or
more of these questions,
you're not alone.


Increase inclusion.
Help all employees speak confidently in English-language meetings.

Feeling Nervous

of Japanese employees feel nervous
  of Japanese employees feel nervous  
of non-Japanese  employees see Japanese  colleagues as nervous
  of non-Japanese employees see Japanese  
  colleagues as nervous  


of Japanese employees 
 feel confidence
  of Japanese employees feel confidence  
of non-Japanese  employees see Japanese colleagues as confident
  of non-Japanese employees see Japanese  
  colleagues as confident  

Contributing to Discussion

of Japanese employees  say they contribute
  of Japanese employees say they  
of non-Japanese employees say Japanese colleagues contribute to discussion.
      of non-Japanese employees who say  
       Japanese colleagues contribute to  

All data from Friction Point Analysis, ongoing survey, Focus Cubed Inc.

Enhance psychological safety.

Increase inclusion.
Help all employees speak confidently in English-language meetings.

Do you or your colleagues
experience these business issues?

Customers disappointed with support, harming business reputation

Lack of visibility. Local managers not consulted on critical business decisions

Delayed or limited access to global resources


Discover what you won't learn in English class.

Unlock the 5 key skills to impact your business.

A complete methodology. With our mindset-first approach, you’ll speak more confidently and freely without studying more English. SpeakUp DNA will challenge your beliefs, build trust in your own capabilities, and release the communicator within you.

Goodbye hesitation, hello confidence! How do you increase confidence in English meetings? By learning the unwritten rules of business communication and using the 5 Skills (shown right). Custom-designed drills help you develop your mindset until the skills become easy and natural. As a result, you experience greater confidence, comfort, and freedom—even with basic English.

The 5 Skills

Speak Up with No Hesitation

Gain confidence to comment on any unexpected topic

Jump in and Tell Me More

Apply pro-level Q&A

Disagree Smoothly

Know how and when to give your opinion

Proactive Participation

Use simple techniques to join and lead discussions

Control the Conversation

Manage difficult topics and discussions

SpeakUp DNA™

Our Proven Process:

Discovery & Initial Consultation

  • Explore ways to build skills and confidence
  • Learn how others solved it
  • Customise approach

Benchmark Together

  • Friction Point Analysis: Discover pain points at the source
  • Define business outcomes
  • Define success

Prime & Prepare

Communication Email Course: Set expectations and help participants prepare for the workshop.

Complete Guide to Business Communication: Participants can preview when convenient

SpeakUp DNA™ 2-Day Course

  • Adopt the “No Hesitation Mindset.”
  • Master the 5 key business communication skills.
  • Build and strengthen the ability to disagree smoothly and give your opinion with confidence.
  • Jump into discussions and strengthen relationships.

Activate the 5 SpeakUp DNA ™ Skills

A family of resources to internalize your new skills.

  • Program Guide & Phrasebook: Discover professional tips & phrases for all 5 skills.
  • Self-Paced Challenge Workbooks: Apply in meetings at your own pace.
  • SpeakUp Assistant for Meetings (SAM): A customisable meeting assistant to take into meetings. 


Continue internalizing your new DNA with…

  • Team Coaching
  • Individual Coaching
  • Refresh workshops

… and more!


SpeakUp DNA™

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“I can apply this
immediately at work”


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If participants are not more confident after the workshop, it’s free.

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