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Fundamentally change employee communication with the ability to jump in, respond without hesitation, and disagree smoothly, in any language at any time.

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We’re about practice, not just theory—so participants walk away with not only new communication skills, but new confidence.

Use our Meeting Assistant PDF to bring your new skills from the workshop into the meeting room.

Learn why your global counterparts behave that way—and how to work on a team positively—with our Complete Guide to Business Communication.

Receive our exclusive Phrasebook, which includes a collection of tried-and-true ways to indirectly (and directly!) disagree.

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It’s not a real meeting if some people dominate and other people feel like they have no choice but to agree.

Change team dynamics to minimize misunderstandings and maximize productivity.



Keep your customers top-of-mind for multi-national actors. When resources are tight, country divisions compete for assets. Don’t let ‘quiet’ leave your customers behind.



Improved communication leads to more communication—creating more opportunities for innovation.

Compete on the


Elite multi-national relationships impact revenue, cost, and risk at every level of the business.

These relationships result in better, more timely support from colleagues abroad.

... This program was an eye opener for both myself, and my Japan and global teams as we struggled with a transformation. Even though I had worked in a multi-national environment for years, I learned that communicating change to people from different cultures requires specific knowledge and skills that I learned from Warren. I am sure he can help both Japanese and non-Japanese who experience frustration while working together!

I continue to invest in this program because of the positive impact to our business. I see my managers much more engaged in meetings with their foreign colleagues. For challenges that affect our customers, I see increasing internal support due to improved communication, even for those with lower levels of English. Warren relates his experience so participants see how speaking up directly influences actual business results.

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